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Continue their activities for 35 years, our company established so far under the Technical Zenger Zenger signature which has been successful in numerous projects. Closely followed by continuous technology, innovation and the necessity of being aware of all the projects our company has to reflect this.
Our years of experience and professional understanding and production, Interactive presentation films, more than 1000 videos, more than 100 advertising films, and many more exciting new projects to continue with the road.




    All the titles in the catalog about our products as follows:

    Block-static Rubber Flooring, Tiles, Portable Safety Barrier, Kitapbank, Handle, Bulk Tiles, Anti-Ballistic Security Cabins, Prefabricated Houses, unbreakable Anti-Ballistic Composite Protective Sheet, you can see the composite products and practices.



    Anti-Ballistic Plate and Products Anti-Ballistic catalog products, Anti-Ballistic safety cabinets, and related products, prefabricated housing is located.

    Bullet Proof Security Cabinet X1, points can be used in all kinds of Anti-Ballistic coating, you can see the Bullet Proof Firewall products.

    Ballistic testing of our products in the G3 rifle infantry fire protection to the full reports identified the criminal.

  • World Culture Services BookBench 

    Appreciated by the Ministry of Education honored with certificates of our projects for the world supported  success has reached a cultural service quality.
    All World streets, beaches, school gardens, squares, parks nearly a work of art in the form of "Bookbench" is equipped ist.

    Patent rights to Bookbench Zenger technical equipment, all the marketing and sales rights isto Inc. for a purchase, please eat a isto Inc. contact with. You can visit our site for Bookbench open.

  • Manhole and Loophole Covers


    Boron alloy-Graphite Epoxy applied Karbonandum and Loophole Cover with lid rogar RPC can review the catalog.

    Production of the desired color and texture in our special epoxy-coated streets rogar and streets come alive with cover loophole.

  • Handle and Rope for Climbing


    Climbing Rope with Handle and parks and recreation is to be applied to the fields of color and vitality.

    Sporting activities for children to gain team spirit and brings many benefits with the sport climbing and rope handles to the start of a service can do.


  • Wood and Metal Textured Composite Profiles

    Meeting with the tree on the edge of the last century. Steel more robust, we introduce the slogan with Wood and Metal Textured Composite profiles for any wood material wood profile with a longer life span than street furniture and home accessories for interior no longer need to be cut down.

    Composite poles refuge, a traffic accident instantly absorb shock and possible injury and loss of life reduces the risk of 70%. By clicking on the picture you can check the catalog side.

  • Portable Safety Barrier Precautions


    Multi-Purpose, Stage, Telescopic, Portable Safety Measures and Barriers working in the field of security related areas is provided.

    Stainless irreversible flexible and shock-absorbing composite barrier safety measures and the application of the technical features of the next picture by clicking on the catalog you can review the images.

  • Antistatic Flooring Hygienic Block SBR & EPDM


    Flooring Blocks Press SBR, EPDM, Reflective Speed Breaker, Block Water Gutter, Bulk Roll with Anti-static products Hygienic Flooring Blocks SBR and EPDM can review the catalog.

    Locked in a single piece of ground is paved with the system and special anti-bacterial additive is applied to the floor with adhesive.

  • Products Price List


    Products related to the current price list in PDF format by clicking next to the picture you can download to your computer or directly olarka can open.

    EPDM and SBR Flooring all our products are registered trademarks and patents.

Some Completed Projects

  • 1. T.C. Ministry of Culture Interactive CD

    2. General Directorate of Fine Art Interactive CD

    3. T.C.D.D. Presentation of Cartoons

    4. İ.B.B Promotional Films

    5. Güngören Cartoons of the Municipality of Clean Works

    6. More than 100 TV commercial

    7. More than 1000 Video Music Video

    8. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    9. Esenyurt Municipality Promotional Films


Design and Implementation of company-owned Zenger Technical Projects

  • 1. Bookbench

    2. Laser Projection

    3. Turkey Simulation

    4. Bulletproof Composite Plates

    5. Lego Prefabricated Houses

    6. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    7. Composite Field toilet

    8. 3D Capture of a town Istanbul Project

    9. Visually Impaired Cane Sensor System

    10.Bulletproof car and portable military positions