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Continue their activities for 35 years, our company established so far under the Technical Zenger Zenger signature which has been successful in numerous projects. Closely followed by continuous technology, innovation and the necessity of being aware of all the projects our company has to reflect this.
Our years of experience and professional understanding and production, Interactive presentation films, more than 1000 videos, more than 100 advertising films, and many more exciting new projects to continue with the road.







    •Products are patented and registered design. (Locked and blocks pasted to the floor because the weight of the block and nails with products to each other through the deadlocks; floor, provides great importance in terms of product and usage)
    •Products. TS EN 1176-1 \ 15.4.1999 and TS EN 1177 \ 15.4.2002 / TS 4857-1 \ EN 1817 \ 23.01.2001 standards and features antistatic.
    •Our products have CE standard document.
    •Products ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 quality standards and safety certificates.
    •Our products are suitable for recycling.
    •Our products smell and hygienic.







    1.Chemical analysis (01,1.5 / 2) completely stripped of metal wire and harmful substances 1. quality pellets, 5Dow%, 4% elastic Epoxy, 4% debt / stainless grinding powder, 2% carbon fiber / %2 carborundum % 5demir oxide paint was found and anti-static products, indicating that the same standards and production was done in order to prove at least 2 separate reports and testing procedures in the university should be taken.
    2.During the floor slab coupling products, coatings, weight and volume to constitute at least should be in blocks 70x100/300x120
    3.All products, especially links between blocks and blocks founding anchors, locks or quotation system must have.
    4.M2 weights of the products used shape and design according to the average (-, + 1/4Kgr) to be requirement (19.5 Kgr thickness 2cm, 3cm thickness 25 Kgr, 4cm thickness is about 34/39 Kgr density and thickness according to the weight of m2 test final report must be available. M2 weights of the products used according to the average shape and design
    5.Serrated non-slip stairs composite / metal / surface and can be used in heavy pedestrian traffic and parking areas approved 45/55 (SHORE (A) the university should have a smoothness test report.
    6.Between the manufacturer's products, especially in children's play areas and nursery furnishings applied to the sides of rubber blocks the effect of impact and injury preventive use of university-approved anti-static rubber blocks and borders must have a water trough
    7.All products in the EU standards (as approved stating that use of open spaces) is valid internationally accredited Ce document should have.
    8.The manufacturer of the product or production company's international authority and the validity of the application will be presented, including at least 2 times control has been ISO 9001, ISO 4001, OHSAS 18001 certificate must have
    9.Producers or production companies and products authorized all of the products also can be read clearly the pressure was specified with brand and design must be registered and the registration of this design for decades used familiar shapes (triangle, quadrangle, pentagon, hexagon, star, key stone, single pazzle, etc., Shape of the must be original designs should be
    10.Critical fall height of 270 cm HIC test results in accordance with the criteria report stating that the university should.
    11.Stating that in accordance with DIN standard 4102-11998-05 combustion test report must have
    12.Electrical resistance values with the University report TS / EN standards must conform to the (395 kohm)
    13.TSE 1176-1177 / document must have.
    14.Anti-static values and land vertically transition resistance is below 10 to the 10 OHM’un report stating that the university should be, (particularly children at the time of play and friction arising from static electricity to prevent electric shock)
    15.16.TS EN 1081 ICS 83 060 standard products according to the anti-static chemical substances (carbon, karbonandum, etc.) was found in the report pursuant to this report indicates, and resistivity values and 10 to the $ 13 OHM 0001 OHM/ M University report that indicates the range should be.
    16.All products Anti-static (TS 2734 and TS EN 1081 standards (vertical resistor 2600, the soil resistance to 20.000, the surface resistance of 5000 K OHM) Current MA 0384 vertical resistance, soil resistance at 0.05, the surface resistance at 0.2 K OHM compliance test report as a must have.
    17.TS EN 1081 ICS 83 060 According to the standard electrical resistance, electrical breakdown strength up to 789 volts / cm as the standard test report stating that EN should be
    18.Water-absorbing composite surface / ramp 60893-2 Article 8.2 mg should be.
    19.TS EN 661 and similar to water absorption and non-flame against sudden temperature and flame spread properties Determination of the positive test reports must be available on the university
    20.Abrasion (TS 659/EN660-1/EN 660-2) positive test report must have.
    21.Cash / rupture ISO 2285 / 2001 E standards must have a positive test reports.
    22.Swallowing sound transmission loss of acoustical test according to ISO 10534-2 standard, the application of noise and vibration absorption in the ground with a standard insulation test and positive reports should be.
    23.TS 11900 EN 1399 According to the standard rubber blocks and the burning cigarette is extinguished on the floor, etc.. against heat and flame resistance in accordance with standard specifies the test report stating that the university should have a positive
    24.(ISO 10534-2) standard according to the Sound absorption loss, depending on frequency 800-0.04, sound transmission loss frequency depending on the 3000/25 average of measurements db, (50-6400) Hz frequency range must be within the measurement results, (These results, especially in the pedestrian overpass , games and sports in the areas of metal and absorption of sound vibrations in the substances is important
    25.All of the products mentioned above, including reports and documents, including experiments at least 1 of the University section of the chemical and materials used in heavy pedestrian traffic use of the approved report must be approved.
    26.3 Year to all products by the company seal guarantees should be corrosion-proofing up 7 Years
    27.1000 m2 and above all the products and practices conducted by the company for 9 months at least 1 time during 3 years free warranty maintenance and renewal must be made
    28.All prices of products that produce or sell products or firms are connected by the ITO must be certified by the trade or industry chambers.


Some Completed Projects

  • 1. T.C. Ministry of Culture Interactive CD

    2. General Directorate of Fine Art Interactive CD

    3. T.C.D.D. Presentation of Cartoons

    4. İ.B.B Promotional Films

    5. Güngören Cartoons of the Municipality of Clean Works

    6. More than 100 TV commercial

    7. More than 1000 Video Music Video

    8. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    9. Esenyurt Municipality Promotional Films


Design and Implementation of company-owned Zenger Technical Projects

  • 1. Bookbench

    2. Laser Projection

    3. Turkey Simulation

    4. Bulletproof Composite Plates

    5. Lego Prefabricated Houses

    6. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    7. Composite Field toilet

    8. 3D Capture of a town Istanbul Project

    9. Visually Impaired Cane Sensor System

    10.Bulletproof car and portable military positions