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Continue their activities for 35 years, our company established so far under the Technical Zenger Zenger signature which has been successful in numerous projects. Closely followed by continuous technology, innovation and the necessity of being aware of all the projects our company has to reflect this.
Our years of experience and professional understanding and production, Interactive presentation films, more than 1000 videos, more than 100 advertising films, and many more exciting new projects to continue with the road.


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Zenger Technical Products 3 Year Single, Block Hygienic Anti-static Products 3 +7 Year Warranty.

Why Zenger Teknik ?

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    Zenger Technically, 2 D, 3D animation, character animation, cartoon production issues with creative solutions at your service. And enjoy the difference in animation projects Zenger. Technically, 3D animation cartoon Zenger our project we have prepared for jobs cleaning Clean Güngören Municipality issues with informative Cartoons T.C.D.D. we have prepared for their informative cartoons about train travel in our example is the project finished.

  • Production

    Countless projects in production with a signature at Zenger technical, and professional approach of many years of experience with his many award-winning projects were announced in this field with the name.

  • Presentation - Interactive CD

    Multimedia Presentation CD work with our Technical privilege Zenger your organization or your organization can more effectively promote. Do you consider your project please feel free to get information from us.

  • Web Design

    Our web design department of our age have become indispensable in the modern sense of the web sites, and outstanding issues with the project at your service. Whether you want a dynamic classic designs like micro .. Web site with a window to the world at the beginning of the solution Let us be your partner.

  • Project Development

    Development of a project and need to be perfect all the content and idea can be found in Technical Zenger. To date, the projects are developed and counseling deserves success has been achieved.

Some Completed Projects

  • 1. T.C. Ministry of Culture Interactive CD

    2. General Directorate of Fine Art Interactive CD

    3. T.C.D.D. Presentation of Cartoons

    4. İ.B.B Promotional Films

    5. Güngören Cartoons of the Municipality of Clean Works

    6. More than 100 TV commercial

    7. More than 1000 Video Music Video

    8. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    9. Esenyurt Municipality Promotional Films


Design and Implementation of company-owned Zenger Technical Projects

  • 1. Bookbench

    2. Laser Projection

    3. Turkey Simulation

    4. Bulletproof Composite Plates

    5. Lego Prefabricated Houses

    6. Hydrogen Fuel Energy Project

    7. Composite Field toilet

    8. 3D Capture of a town Istanbul Project

    9. Visually Impaired Cane Sensor System

    10.Bulletproof car and portable military positions